Policy Manual

Link to Online Policy Manual:

Click here to bring up the Apollo Career Center manual on the OSBA website. When you look at the left side of the screen you’ll see a list of Sections A-L for your online policy manual.

  • Click on the clear arrow to the left of the empty box*, or on the file folder, to view the entire Chapter. This will show you all of the policies, including the regulations and the exhibits/forms. (*The empty box feature is listed below under Printing Policies)
  • To Close a Section, Click on the small black down arrow to the left of the empty box and file folder.
  • To Print: Bring up your link and open the main file folder, you will get a drop-down menu with the different Sections listed.
    Next to each Section, you will notice a small empty box* next to the file folder. At this point, if you wanted to print all the policies in that section you can Click on the box and the entire Section will be selected to print.
    If you want to print individual policies, you can drop down the entire Section by Clicking on the folder for that Section. Then select the policy or policies that you would like to print by Clicking on each empty box for each individual policy.
  • Advanced Search button: Can be found above your logo. This button will allow you to search in many different ways for something that you’re looking for within your policy manual.
  • Just a few examples of these searches are; containing all these words, containing one ore more of these words, or containing exact phrase.
  • Saved searches; you can save a search for future searches. NOTE: This “saved searches” feature only saves the searches on the server used by the searcher. It does not save for all viewers of the link.
  • You can return to the Title Page with the logo and list of Board Members by Clicking on the button called ”Document,” next to the “Advanced Search” button.

OAC & ORC Cross-References:

At the end of each policy there are references to the OAC and the ORC. If you click on the reference number it will take you to the live version of LAWriter’s® definition for that Ohio Administrative Code or Ohio Revised Code.

  • If you ever have the need to look up an Ohio Revised Code (ORC) without referencing a specific policy you can do this by using the link.
  • Once you’ve opened the link to your Online Policy Manual you will notice at the bottom of the page there is a separate sentence that says; “Click here to view and search a complete version of the Ohio Revised Code.”
  • This will take you to the “LAWriter’s®” – There you will find a search box that you can enter the code that you are looking for. Or enter the subject that you’re searching for within this site.


Policies that contain cross-references at the end of a policy can also be clicked on and you will bring up the cross-referenced policy/policies. They will be listed at the bottom of the screen. You can select whichever reference policy/policies you’d like to review.

How to Refresh your Main Screen:

When you want to clear/refresh your screen back to the starting mode, simply Click on the “Home” Button at the top of the screen.